Basic auth with NGINX

htpasswd コマンドを利用するため、下記のPackageをインストール。 Debian(Ubuntu) 系 $ sudo apt-g

Run MySQL 8 on Port 33308 Using Docker Compose

In some cases, we would like to run MySQL image on a different PORT other than the default one 3306. Suppose we have


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How to check NGINX version

Check the version of the currently installed Nginx by calling the Nginx binary. Use -v parameter to display the Nginx vers

AlpineLinux 3.8: sudo without password

This article will describe how to omit sudo password. This will enable scripts with sudo be automated. T

Hello World for Play Scala Framework

Hello World Table of content 1. Write routes 2. Create Sample Controller 3. Start server 4. "Hello World" redendering in

Set up env for Play Scala framework

Environment Use the terminal (Mac) and command prompt (Windows) to build the environment. Please refer to the following site

How to open Terminal on MacOS Catalina

What is Terminal? Terminal provides a command line interface to control the UNIX-based operating system

Scala String unique and distinct characters

Scala problem: define in BDD style When Filter string unique characters Then Sort by alphabet Solution TODO-01: When F

Synergy mouse lag or can not connect

ERROR: failed to create quartz event tap Solution 1: Try to remove local config and restart synergy ⚠️ Warning: serial-